About Us

Jagadish Tours Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Jagadish Group which has business diversified in different sectors. Jagadish tours was established in 1980 with a motto of hassle – free travel experience for the guests.

Jagadish Tours stands for an avant garde experience for the contemporary traveller, white-collar executives, powerful businessmen and quiverful  families.  It follows the philosophy of professional working practices in order to provide prompt and quality services.  

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We are proud of our extended family of brands that offer you the widest choices by providing all the travel options you will ever need.

It has come a long way from its humble beginnings.  Jagadish Tours now provides a choice from a range of over 2,72,000 + hotels, 850 + airlines and over 40 cruise liners. A dedicated team of experts handles the travel streaks of its guest 24/7.

With a hands- on approach, our experts guide you in every step of the way. Be it amazing hotel deals,  best air fares or enchanting cruise liners.

Whether its planning an exotic escape to Seychelles, cruising in Alaska, a romantic Honeymoon  or an exciting  family getaway, Jagadish Tours has got it all covered.

So start packing!! It’s time to click - start your trip!!

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